Is Insurance in place for this study?

Your doctors have insurance through the Clinical Indemnity Scheme. A separate insurance policy is also in place for this clinical trial.

Who is organising and paying for this research?

This study is organised by the Centre for Experimental Pathogen Host (CEPHR), part of the University College Dublin (UCD) School of Medicine.

Will I be paid for taking part in this study?

No, we are not able to pay you for taking part in this study.

Will my expenses be covered for taking part in this study?

Your travel costs for attending the clinic visits, DXA scan and Fibroscan will be covered.

Has this study been approved by an Ethics Committee?’

The National Research Ethics Committee (NREC) in Ireland have approved this randomised controlled trial.

Will my GP/Consultant be informed of my participation in the study?

We will send a letter to your GP/Consultant to inform them of your participation in the study, but only if you wish us to do so. If you don’t want this information to be shared with your GP/Consultant, we will not send a letter to them.