Screening visit

If you agree to take part, a study doctor will assess you to check that you are eligible to be included in the study. This is called a screening visit. The assessment will include 

  • a review of your medical history
  • physical examination and 
  • blood tests (incl. kidney, liver function, blood sugars)
  • Some questions about the research study (we will repeat these again two weeks later).

Eligibility confirmed

If you are eligible to be included in the study, we will give you an appointment to come back to clinic in about 4 weeks to start the study. 

Initial Visit

At this visit, we will give all participants advice about changes to their diet and exercise.

Half of the participants will also be randomly assigned (like flipping a coin) to get the study medication: semaglutide.

Initial Visit
Treatment Stopped

If you are being treated with semaglutide during the study, treatment will be stopped after 28 weeks.

Treatment will be stopped earlier if you decide to withdraw from the study or if the study doctor decides to withdraw you from the study if they feel it is best for you.

Note: If you are a woman of child-bearing potential, you must be willing to avoid pregnancy for the duration of the study and to follow your doctor’s recommendations about contraception.